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Factory Price Diesel Generators

14/10/2016 – 217 views

The most reliable diesel generator supplier in the Philippines today.


On call service.


The most famous brands:

Cummins  (Authentic or money back guarantee)








and many more.


Stocks available:

5.5kva, 16kva, 25kva, 35kva, 40kva, 50kva, 75kva, 83kva, 100kva, 125kva, 165kva, 225kva, 250kva,

300kva, 350kva, 438kva, 500kva, 625kva, 750kva,

1000kva, 1250kva, 1500kva, 2000kva, 2500kva


Silent type, Open type,  Customized design


New improved canopy features and design.

Rust proof, weather proof

2.5mm thickness, powder coated.


Call now for your power generator requirement.

Call now!  425-9700 / 0943-4459921 / 0906-7221833

diesel generators

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